What I learned coaching Agile Teams (Remotely)

In the past year I worked with a number of teams as a Developer, Project Manager, Scrum Master, and Agile Coach. I worked with both remote and non-remote teams. Here are some things I learned. 1. Clarity is productivity The clearer you define your objectives, deliverables, stories, and expectations, the happier and more productive your … Continue reading What I learned coaching Agile Teams (Remotely)

BEM: The Good Parts

Originally posted November 20, 2012 What is BEM? BEM is a front-end development methodology that came out of Yandex — an equivalent of Google from Russia. The goal of BEM, or Block Element Modifier, is to solve common scalability problems for front end code management on gigantic sites like Yandex. While BEM could work great for companies … Continue reading BEM: The Good Parts