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  • Sheldon W. Foster

    I had the good fortune of having Alex as the ScrumMaster on one of my most demanding and complex client projects. Alex exhibited all the qualities I value most in a ScrumMaster, he is truly able to coach every role on the scrum team (PO, Developer, QA, Design etc) to deliver value continuously. Alex’s understanding of the complex tech stack was invaluable, that combined with his keen sense for the product and business goals made the product a very successful one and the client extremely happy.

    Sheldon W. Foster Director of Software Delivery, Rangle.io
  • Ian Sweeney

    Alex is very personable and has a great approach to working with diverse teams. He approaches problems from different perspectives and finds the solution that work for each unique situation.

    Ian Sweeney Founder, Intersection X
  • Yuri de Souza

    I had the pleasure of working with Alex when he consulted for us at Capio. Alex's work had a positive impact on the company's culture and productivity. He built structure around our product development process by helping us adopt the Scrum agile development methodology. I highly recommend Alex in the capacity of an Agile coach.

    Yuri de Souza Founding Member, Capio.ai
  • Tom George

    I met Alex at an event for entrepreneurs and his energy and drive were apparent then. He’s been part of several development projects with our company, over the years, and delivers each time. He’s very effective in start-up culture because of his versatility but also his ability to deal with founders and other big egos, always with professionalism, and always from a principled stance.

    Tom George Founder, BitBlitz Apps Inc.

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